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Dinner Date [Aug. 31st, 2006|05:54 pm]
New day
[Current Location |The Cinnamon Club, London]
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If there's one thing I truly missed in California, far more than the melancholic English weather, and my peaceful pre-Buffy existence, that's Indian cuisine. That's why I'm something of a regular at the Cinnamon Club.


I postpone ordering, while I wait for Lilah. I have a feeling that she's going to come. Not for me, of course. If she were attracted to me, she'd surely stay away. She is the type to do that, if I'm any judge. She will come, because it's in her interest, in her company's interest to come.


I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid. Afraid to play it so close to the edge. I can be tempted. I know that. I'm afraid I shan't even notice sliding into the other side. I know myself enough to know that if I see a sign that she can be saved, I'll try to save her. That would prove to be a greatest weakness than the lust for power that I buried all those years ago.


She's beautiful, and I think she's lost the way. I hope I'll have the strength to let go or run away before it's too late.


[User Picture]From: notquitegood
2006-09-09 04:49 pm (UTC)
The rest of the night went by in almost a blur. Normally everything we talked about, would've bored the hell out me. Tonight though I didn't mind it at all,in fact I think I actually enjoyed myself more than I have in years.

Rupert Giles is by far the least uninteresting man I've had the pleasure, of meeting in a long time. Which considering some of the people I know, is saying something. After we finished dinner, i followed him out to the parking lot.

The silence isn't botheringme,like it usually would. Which is a nice welcomed change. I noticed he looked in one of the lobby mirrors at our reflections as we walked by. I'm about to comment on it as we finally get to the parking lot. I didn't get the chance to though.

Because next thing I know those two vampires from before are standing in front of us. You know I'm really begining to hate, not being able to go out and have one decent social outing,without it being inturupted by demons.

I watched Giles as he stepped in front of me a bit. I moved so that i was standing next to him instead. What is it about these watcher types,or men for that matter thinking they need to play hero?

I listened to him ask them if they were sure they wanted to do. The taller slightly smarter looking one, looked me over and smiled. He then turned back to Giles. 'Oh yeah we're sure.' They both lunged at Giles.

I quickly tried to move out of the way, as I watched giles get hit pretty bad a few times,before he finally managed to stake one. I winced a little as he hit the floor.

The second one was grining stupidly as he started to come after me. He only made it about a mere few inches,before falling at my feet. I looked down at him,then at giles who was still on the ground,holding the vamp back. I took out my small vile of holy water out of my purse,and dumped it on the vamp's face.

"You know I'm getting really tired of your kind ruining my perfectly good night. Why can't you go find someone else to bother. You know some poor innocent who doesn't have a fucking clue what you are?" The vamp was clutching at his face and whimpering in pain.

I took the stake from where it had fallen on the ground. I picked it up and staked the bastard,before looking at Giles. "Damn vampires.." I muttered,as I waited for him to get up off the floor. "So what now?"
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